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Why choose Mobile System?

Mobile System is the Gnodi Group’s specialist industrial bodywork that designs, builds, and maintains special vehicles dedicated to the motorsport sector: car / motorcycle transport, technical transport, motorhome, hospitality, etc.


Mobile System technical office assists the customer in the choice of the most suitable type of structure, fitting design and customisation. The consolidated experience in the sector allows suggesting the best solutions also in case support is needed, starting from ideas.


Mobile System technical office does not only look after the design of spaces and structures. The typical Italian design is available to all customers for luxury fitting. The large selection ranges from furnishing accessories produced by the most famous Italian brands to unique elements, specifically studied to distinguish the customer’s image.


Mobile System looks after repairs on any movable structure. The activities range from ordinary maintenance to extraordinary maintenance, and preservative restoration and upgrading of the vehicle. Full reviews, starting from restoring the structure. Possibility to renew internal spaces, install equipment and carry out external improvements.

Our solutions

Vehicles for car/motorcycle transport

Semi-trailers designed with all types of structural devices in order to guarantee the safety of the load for sports teams. Are available optionals as extensible sides for offices or storage environments, easy-to-assemble external tents to create real box in the paddocks.
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Trailers, usually equipped with sides that can be expanded in width and height, which can be set up with an exhibition area, lounge / living room, bar area, professional kitchen, bedrooms. Furnishings with attention to every detail, scenographic lighting and high quality finishes, because hospitality is essential for a team.
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Vehicles for technical transport

Semi-trailers to transport equipment or spare parts, such as sets of tires, or used as a mobile workshop or workspace for engineers, clinics, etc. Easily customizable, they are designed for optimal use of space.
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