Mobile System

Mobile System is the Gnodi Group’s specialist industrial bodywork that designs, builds, and maintains special vehicles dedicated to the motorsport sector: car / motorcycle transport, technical transport, motorhome, hospitality, etc.

close-knitwell-coordinated team, interdepartmental collaboration, seamless communication and synergetic relations between our experienced project managers are the strengths that have established Mobile System as the ideal, fast and flexible solution of choice for anyone needing full, reliable and premium quality support.


Gnodi started out as a small workshop in 1995 and succeeded thanks to an ambitious entrepreneur who knew how to realise his dreams. The headquarters and 7,500 m2 production plant are in Somma Lombardo, just a five-minute drive from Milan-Malpensa International Airport. With three business units, the group devises and custom-designs a wide variety of solutions and projects to meet customer requirements, while its network of expert collaborators and distributors works with the Italian and international markets.

The group has always striven to deliver professionalism, experience, expertise and technology capability, implementing a forward-looking corporate policy that ensures a range of services is consistently available to customers. This is how the company has expanded across sectors over the years. Gnodi believes innovation is the key to meeting the demands of an ever-changing market.

Mobile System