Self service trailer

Doing hospitality in the circuits also means catering and restaurant service in the paddocks, in particular for the VIP area. Mobile System has designed this fully equipped self service trailer. The kitchen on board is equipped with cooking plates, pasta cookers, bratt pan, frytop, fryers and oven with hoods and relative extraction system. A dishwasher, refrigerated counters with a support surface for preparation, a hot display case for displaying and keeping food. The tail lift is used to load foodstuffs directly into the cold room located on the rear of the semitrailer. A lateral extensible with stair system allows the passage to the self line on board the vehicle. No problem for the current, an onboard generator is able to operate all the equipment. Outside, an automated awning also equipped with a LED lighting system and closing walls allows the configuration of a distribution and consumption area where tables and chairs can be placed. All designed for maximum functionality on the circuits.