One semi-trailer, two cargo levels, unlimited options.

Mobile System, by Gnodi group, has developed a new semi-trailer for the transport of racing cars. This double-deck vehicle is designed to meet the needs of motorsport teams. For our client Rossocorsa Racing we have maximized space and flexibility.

This trailer features a double-deck design to accommodate up to 4 cars in complete safety. The fastening system ensures stability and protection of the cars during transport, while the lifting platform facilitates access and exit of vehicles. A convenient walk-through storage compartment is located under the loading deck.

By installing a “partition” a changing room with a shower and cabinets, a space favouring relaxation and concentration can be created on the first floor.

In the front section, an elegant office furnished with monitors, a desk, and a meeting table allows the team to meet guests as well as to work, staying in touch with the heart of the action.

Every detail of this semi-trailer is crafted with the utmost care, thus reflecting the unique Italian design. Highest quality materials, rigorously selected components, and impeccable finishes: a perfect blend of functionality and style.

More than just a means of transport, this semi-trailer is a true mobile garage, a concentration of technology, comfort, and functionality allowing the team to focus exclusively on performance and victory.