Kitchen on Trailer

A vehicle about 12 meters long with the availability of a kitchen space of about 18 square meters entirely designed and built by Gnodi Service and Mobile System. Quality as always at the top! External body made of stainless steel with variable thickness but not less than 2 mm for the sheets and 3 mm for the tubular. High quality composite panels with resins, wood and high density polyurethane guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation. Generator on board can power the main services. The kitchen is equipped with a cold room with the possibility of loading from outside by lifting goods. All the internal walls are covered in stainless steel AISI 304 and the flooring is made of antibacterial pvc as required by the hygienic regulations for professional kitchens. Well-organized work environment with preparation, cooking and washing area. Nothing is left to chance, we thought of everything with the professionalism that has always distinguished us.